Service Standards


Complaints about contract labs received from doctors’ offices are always investigated.  When analyzing a situation about a particular lab, we generally require that a specific order is identified, but will pursue other issues as circumstances dictate. Please cooperate with any inquiries you receive from VSP about complaints.  We always consider all perspectives when evaluating issues brought forth by third parties.

VSP understands that doctor complaints are inevitable for any lab; therefore we examine labs’ performance based on many factors.  Complaints are one component.


VSP does not generally regard a quarterly complaint rate of 0.03% (three complaints per 10,000 orders) or less problematic. Your lab's specific rate is determined by dividing the number of complaints received by your quarterly volume. A rate exceeding 0.03% is considered substandard. Fewer than three complaints per quarter, regardless of volume, will not usually trigger action.

Complaints will be monitored and reported monthly to the labs.  In the event that a lab’s quarterly performance falls below standard, VSP will contact the lab to try to resolve the specific issues.  If a lab has two consecutive quarters that fall below standard they may be put on probation and asked to complete a corrective action plan.