Quality and Service Standards

All prescription lenses provided to VSP patients must comply with current FDA standards and adhere to the guidelines established by the American National Standards Institute [ANSI] Z80.1 for dress and Z87.1 for safety eyewear. When safety eyewear orders are submitted, lenses and frames must meet current ANSI Z87.1–2010 standards. All safety frames must be marked Z87-2, or Z87-2+.

VSP orders are expected to be fabricated according to the same criteria as your private prescriptions as long as the minimum requirements stipulated by the FDA and ANSI Z80.1 and Z87.1 are observed.  If the quality standards you apply on private prescriptions exceed those established by these bodies, you must also observe those standards when processing VSP orders.

VSP measures Quality and Service Standards obtained through many sources and expects VSP contract labs to comply with requests for data and participation in any programs or systems developed by VSP to measure the quality and service levels provided to VSP doctors.  Any information obtained for these purposes will remain confidential.

In most cases, labs with sub-standard quality and service levels, as determined through one or many sources, will be asked to initiate a planned improvement program.  VSP, at its discretion, may assist in the development of such a plan.