Anti-Fog Coatings

Any anti-fog coating, spray-on or otherwise, is not available for use with VSP Benefits.

Anti-Reflective Coating A

Lens Enhancement Code QM

Charge this lens enhancement for all anti-reflective coatings (except those specifically listed under Anti-Reflective Coating B, C, or D).  Contract laboratories must use the same AR processes, formulas, and base lenses for VSP patients that are used for private work (i.e., some labs include scratch coated base lenses with their AR coatings).  Many AR coatings have scratch resistant properties; therefore, the scratch resistant coating lens enhancements (lens enhancement codes "QQ" and "QS") cannot be used in conjunction with any AR coating.

Anti-Reflective Coatings B, C, and D

Lens Enhancement Codes QN, QT, and QV

These anti-reflective lens enhancement categories are for pre-approved AR coatings that have more scratch resistant properties than category "A" coatings.  All lenses and AR coatings with "QN,” “QT,” and "QV" lens enhancement codes are guaranteed for two years against scratches sustained under normal use and conditions. Refer to the Product Index for the code for specific brands.

The scratch resistant coating lens enhancements (lens enhancement codes "QQ" and "QS") cannot be used in conjunction with any AR coating.

Glass Color Coatings

Lens Enhancement Codes MS, MT

Charge lens enhancement code "MS" for solid glass color coatings and "MT" for gradient glass color coatings.

Mirror Coating

Lens Enhancement Code QP

Lens Enhancement code "QP" applies to silver and gold mirror coatings in solid and single gradient.  This lens enhancement includes the base tint color (excluding yellow glass tint) where applicable.  For other colors or double gradient mirror coatings, charge Ski Type Coating (lens enhancement code QR).

Scratch Resistant Coating A

Lens Enhancement Code QQ

Lens Enhancement code "QQ" may only be used on standard plastic lenses (i.e., CR-39) with a factory applied scratch resistant coating.

Independent testing has demonstrated that backside spin and dip coatings do not provide the same level of scratch resistance as factory applied coatings on standard plastic lenses.  Therefore, do not provide or charge for backside scratch coating on any standard plastic lens.

Dip and spin backside coatings offer effective protection on polycarbonate, mid-index, and high-index plastic materials included in lens enhancement pricing.

Do not charge for scratch resistant coating on anti-reflective coated, progressive, polycarbonate, photochromic, trivex, mid-index, or high index plastic lenses.  The lens enhancement prices for these materials include front and backside coating.

Under normal wear, scratch resistant coatings on VSP prescriptions must be guaranteed for a minimum of one year, or according to the laboratory’s private policy, whichever is longer.

Scratch Resistant Coating B

Lens Enhancement Code QS

This lens enhancement code covers VSP approved scratch resistant coatings that offer greater durability than standard factory applied scratch coatings. Under normal wearing conditions, Category "B" scratch resistant coatings are warranted for two years.

Do not charge "QS" in conjunction with any anti-reflective coating.

Ski Type Coating

Lens Enhancement Code QR

Charge this lens enhancement for duplications of proprietary coatings (e.g., Revo, Vuarnet, Suncloud, Serengeti, Bolle, Sportslife), double mirror gradient, colored mirror, and dielectric mirror coatings.  This lens enhancement price includes the base tint color coating.  For any solid or single gradient silver and gold mirror coatings, charge Mirror Coating (code QP).

UV Protection Backside

Lens Enhancement Code BV

Lens enhancement code "BV" is an additional reimbursement used, when applicable, in conjunction with qualifying anti-reflective coatings for the back surface ultra-violet protection.