Electronic Orders


This section provides instructions on using the Eyefinity Legacy Lab Portal and the New Lab Portal effective July 1, 2020 to retrieve prescription orders, modify if necessary, and to complete and submit to VSP for payment. Also, please review the Lab Portal Comparison -Classic vs. Modern chart in the link below to see process availability. 

We suggest using these manuals for orientation of new employees, cross-training, and reference purposes.

Contacting Eyefinity Customer Care

Order processing or technical questions can be answered by calling the Eyefinity Customer Care line at 1-877-448-0707 or customercare@eyefinity.com.

Problems Accessing Eyefinity

If your laboratory is unable to retrieve, accept, or process Eyefinity orders, contact Eyefinity Customer Care.

Eyefinity is subject to change at any time due to enhancements and upgrades.