Glass Tints

Lens Enhancement Codes MQ, MR

Charge lens enhancement code "MQ" for Pink I & II glass tints and "MR" for all other glass tints.  Yellow glass tints are not available for use with VSP benefits.

Plastic Dyes

Lens Enhancement Codes MM, MN, MP

Lens enhancement code "MM" includes all plastic Pink I and II solids, which can be ordered under a variety of names, including Cruxite A, Cruxite AX, Softlite A, Softlite B, Rose I, Rose II, Flesh, Blush, Nutratint Pink, and Lite Pearl.  Charge lens enhancement code "MN" for all other plastic solid color dyes.  Lens Enhancement code "MP" includes single, double, and triple gradients.

UV Protection Backside

Lens Enhancement Code BV

Lens enhancement code "BV" is an additional reimbursement used, when applicable, in conjunction with qualifying anti-reflective coatings for the back surface ultra-violet protection.