Rolled edges or special placement of the lens in the frame (e.g., hide-a-bevel, fifty-fifty, etc.) is included within the lens price.

Edge Coating and Painted Groove

Lens Enhancement Code SQ

Charge lens enhancement code "SQ" for edge coating or painted grooves.  (Please note that "painted groove" refers to cosmetic grooving and painting of the lens edge.  It does not refer to the grooving necessary for rimless mountings, which is not chargeable.)

Edge Polish

Lens Enhancement Code SP

Charge lens enhancement code "SP" for a high luster edge polish.  Do not charge for "satin" edge polish.

VSP does not define Satin Edge polishes. Please consult with your doctor regarding your laboratory’s definition of Satin Edge polish. There is no fee for providing any type of edge polish except “High Luster Edge Polish.”

If a high luster edge polish is provided at the request of the doctor, VSP contract labs must always code for this lens enhancement even if it is provided privately at no additional charge (e.g., polycarbonate packages).  When a doctor requests a specific lens package by name that is defined as including high luster edge polish, the high luster edge polish is to be provided and billed. Do not charge for rolled edges as it is considered part of your base lens prices.

Advanced Edging

Do not charge for Wrap frames with interchangeable lenses as it is considered part of your base lens prices.


Engravings are not available through the VSP Lens Enhancement System.  Please handle these on a private basis with the doctor.

Rimless Drill

Lens Enhancement Code SW (Signature and Choice Plans)

This lens enhancement is for rimless drill or notched mountings.  Bill the doctor on a private invoice for slotted lenses.

Labs that have private policies to drill and mount only certain material types (e.g., polycarbonate, Trivex) may also apply these policies to VSP prescriptions.

Doctor redo requests due to lens breakage on drilled prescriptions should be handled under your lab's private policy.  Grooving is included in each lab’s base lens bid prices.