Basic Policies

VSP Policy and Procedure Confidentiality

VSP policies, procedures, and communications are managed within our own company.  We are responsible for the accurate delivery of all information regarding how VSP operates and insist that all non-VSP agents, including contract labs, lab consultants, and lab representatives, refrain from disseminating any type of communication regarding our policies and procedures.  This stricture encompasses the production and delivery of educational presentations designed to explain VSP systems to doctors, labs, or any other entity, written communication containing lens enhancements or any billing or pricing data, and any other representation of VSP’s methods or practices delivered through any medium.

Please refer all questions from doctors about VSP policies and procedures to the VSP Provider Services Support Line at 800.615.1883.  Lab inquiries can be resolved at  The VSP Provider Services Support Line is intended to address doctor calls.

The information contained in this manual is considered a compendium of VSP policies relative to VSP contract labs.  It is subject to change anytime at VSP’s discretion.  Please consult it frequently so that you are familiar with current protocol.

Lab Information

You are responsible for keeping VSP apprised of any changes to essential information pertaining to your lab. In addition to details such as lab name, location, and ownership, which all affect your Laboratory and License Agreement, we expect up to date notification when you make changes that affect our relationship and ability to communicate with you. Please use the Lab Information Form regularly to ensure that we have current data on file for your lab.

Temporary Lab Removals 

In cases where a contract laboratory (or laboratories) is unable or appears unable to fulfill its obligations under the Laboratory and License Agreement (including, but not limited to, natural disasters, pandemics, equipment failures, etc.), Plexus will notify and will work closely with the laboratory to assist in resolving any impediments.  If resolution cannot be reached within three (3) business days, and Plexus determines that VSP doctors and/or patients are adversely impacted, Plexus may, upon written notice with immediate effect, temporarily remove the laboratory from Eyefinity in order to cease the flow of VSP claim jobs. A temporary suspension will in no way impact the contract status of an otherwise compliant contract laboratory.

Plexus will work closely with the impacted lab to reinstate it as soon as possible once its normal operations have resumed and the impact on VSP doctors and/or patients is resolved.


Each VSP contract lab is required to maintain records in accordance with applicable laws.

Information about VSP's payments to you and your tax registers and summaries are available through Eyefinity for a full rolling year. It is your responsibility to download and maintain these records for tax or other financial purposes. If it is necessary to request hard copies of the data available through Eyefinity, you will be charged for the labor and materials required to reproduce these records.

Lab Reviews

The Laboratory and License Agreement you signed establishes VSP’s right to conduct scheduled or unscheduled onsite audits.  It is necessary that you cooperate with these visits and provide access to any information requested as well as to your production and operations environments.

Logos - License Agreement

We expect strict adherence to our License Agreement and suggest that contract laboratories seek approval from Plexus Optix for any materials using VSP’s name and/or logos prior to production and publication if you have any questions about your compliance.  It is each contract laboratory’s responsibility to understand the requirements set forth in the License Agreement.  Failure to comply with the provisions set forth in that document may result in disciplinary action, up to and including financial penalties and the termination of the Laboratory and License Agreement with your lab.

Click on the logo style to download a copy. Email Plexus Optix for other file types (SVG, EPS).

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Occasionally, VSP requests that contract labs provide additional data about performance and quality related topics, as well as general information about your lab.  If we ask you for any metrics associated with your lab, you are expected to comply with these requests within the time frame and format indicated.

Lab Management Software Data [LMS]
All contract labs are expected to comply with programs requesting data collected through your lab's LMS program. Any use of the information obtained through these means is for internal use and will be kept in confidence.

Information pertaining to VSP orders submitted through Eyefinity may be used for statistical or other purposes.

Doctor Surveys
VSP considers doctors’ opinions with regard to lab performance.  Periodically, we poll VSP doctors about their experiences with the contract lab program and consider these reports when assessing a contract lab’s overall operational efficiencies. 


Your agreement with VSP requires your laboratory to maintain general and product liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate, excess or umbrella covereage with a minimum of $3,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 in the aggregate, and to name VSP as an additional insured on the general and product liability and excess or umbrella policies. 

Please provide the following documentation to VSP each year upon renewal of your policy.

  • Certificate of Insurance showing the minimum liability coverages as stated above
  • A separate document or endorsement naming VSP as an additional insured on the policy
  • List of lab locations covered under the policy (labs with multiple locations or when lab name/address is different from Insured name/address on the policy)

Please be advised that we are only accepting documents via email in high quality .pdf format. Documents are due from your insurance agent within 30 days from the date the insurance expires. Please email to:

Promotions and Financial Incentives

Contract laboratories are required to offer all active and applicable promotional, discount, and marketing programs to each VSP doctor ordering work from that lab. Incentive and discount programs must incorporate the cumulative value of all orders (VSP and private pay) submitted to any and all laboratory branches when determining a doctor's eligibility to participate in promotional and volume discount programs.

The intent of this policy is to allow doctors to benefit from business building incentives and loyalty programs offered by labs. It is not permissible to offer direct discounts and rebates for the sole purpose of attracting VSP work. This is contrary to VSP's policies, which were developed to ensure that doctors choose a VSP contract lab based on the lab's service and quality. Please contact Plexus Optix at 916.851.4900, option 3 if you have any questions about a promotional program you are planning to offer. 

Laboratories must be sure that any such discounts or promotions are in full compliance with applicable state and federal laws.


Insurance fraud is a serious crime and treated as such by VSP. Our Special Investigative Unit [SIU] is dedicated to ensuring that our business is conducted with integrity and honesty. SIU investigates reports involving brokers, agents, members, providers, employees, and laboratories. A confidential Fraud Hotline is available to take information regarding suspicious activities at 800.877.7236.