In-Office Lens Enhancements

Plastic Tints and UV Protection
Lens Enhancements Codes:
Plastic Dyes-Solid Other IN
Plastic Dyes-Gradient IP
Plastic Dyes-Pink I & II IM
UV Protection IV

Doctors are required to notify labs when these lens enhancements will be applied in their own lab.


  • It is the doctor's responsibility to inspect all lenses before applying any of these in-office lens enhancements.  If the lenses are damaged (scratched, etc.) during the dyeing or UV protection process, the doctor is responsible for the full cost of replacement lenses.
  • Plastic dyes and UV protection may only be applied in a doctor's office if it is the last stage of the fabrication process.  If any procedures or lens enhancements are ordered that require application after the tint or UV protection is completed, the entire order must be made by the contract laboratory to avoid delay to the patient.  For example, an order for a tinted lens with an anti-reflective coating must be completed in its entirety at the lab.
  • A doctor may not add UV protection to lenses that inherently block UV.
  • In-office UV coated lenses must conform to any applicable ANSI standards.
  • Doctor applied UV protection must block 98%-100% of UVA and UVB. 
  • If it is necessary for the lab to tint or UV coat a pair of lenses ordered with one or more of the Doctor In-Office lens enhancement code(s), the lab must replace the doctor code(s) with lab code(s).
  • Doctors must submit properly completed orders indicating that these lens enhancements will be provided in their own labs, otherwise the lab may perform and receive payment for these services.  If an order correctly indicates that these lens enhancements are to be completed by the doctor and the lab inadvertently dyes or UV coats the order, the doctor will be paid for those lens enhancements.  Labs may not bill the doctor or receive payment from VSP for these lens enhancements under such circumstances.
  • In the event that a redo is required, the doctor will be responsible for providing in-house lens enhancements again, regardless of the reason for the redo.
  • Doctors are required to remit tax on in-office lens enhancements as appropriate.