License Agreement

Use of the registered mark VSP:

When using the registered mark VSP, include the ® symbol. When referring to your network participation, use VSP®, not Vision Service Plan. Only the following approved phrases may be used:

  • Your authorized VSP® contract laboratory
  • VSP® contract laboratory #___
  • Authorized VSP® contract laboratory #___
  • VSP® authorized laboratory

Acceptable media:

The VSP marks may only be used in the following media, where permitted by law:

  • Price lists and your lab's Website
  • Marketing and promotional materials (e.g., letters, brochures and newsletters) 


  1. The letters "VSP" cannot be more than 1 inch tall.
  2. The logo and all text within the logo must be legible.
  3. Do not duplicate the logo from stock typefaces or modify it.
  4. Reproduce the logo from approved camera-ready art or an approved diskette/e-file.
  5. When using the logo in print and online, proportionately resize it, but ensure that it is not any smaller than ½ inch in height (set the aspect ratio prior to resizing to prevent distortion).
  6. The space around the logo must be free from other graphics or messages. The minimum clear space around the logo must be equal to the height of the "p".

Logo and Other Specifications/Guidelines:

  • When using the VSP logo on your website, you can link it to
  • When using the logo in your print or online materials, you can proportionately resize it, but no smaller than .25" in height.

Always consult your designer/printer to ensure correct formatting. Please provide these guidelines to your printer for materials that contain the VSP logo.

The following are prohibited:

The following forms of using the VSP marks are unacceptable and could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination from VSP's Contract Laboratory Program:

  • Use of the VSP logo anywhere except on your price lists, brochures, marketing and promotional materials or your lab's Website.
  • Use of the VSP name and/or logo more than twice in a single media (e.g., the same price list, brochure, newsletter article, mailing or Website).
  • Use of the term Vision Service Plan (rather always use VSP)


The marks VSP, Vision Service Plan and VSP Vision Care are registered or common law marks owned by VSP. Unauthorized use of these marks is a violation of your Laboratory and License Agreement.


Violation of your signed agreement could result in monetary penalties and/or termination of your Laboratory and License Agreement.


If your Laboratory and License Agreement is revoked or terminated, you must immediately remove all references to your participation in VSP's Contract Laboratory Program.

These guidelines have been established for VSP's contract laboratories to ensure consistency required by VSP and to reduce the potential for error. Email Plexus Optix or call (916) 851-4900 Option 3 with any questions or issues concerning service mark usage.