Basic Information

Lens Product Categories and Lens Enhancement Codes

As a VSP contract laboratory, you are paid base lenses and additional fees for lens enhancements according to the fees set on your VSP Lab Lens Enhancements Fee Schedule. Signature and Choice/Advantage plans each have a distinct fee schedule card. Please be sure to consult the proper fee schedule when calculating payments.

When a manufacturer releases a new product and notifies VSP about it, we classify it according to design and analyze how it is priced in the private-pay market. If the technology and pricing are comparable to other products in the same category, it will be assigned an appropriate lens enhancement code. When a product does not fit comfortably into an established category, it is not available for use with VSP benefits.

Product placement and pricing are evaluated, when necessary, as a means to remain current with the market. We recognize that ours is a dynamic industry and that as new technologies are introduced and accepted, it is important to update VSP systems accordingly.

For the most current and detailed information for branded products, consult the online Product Index. You may refer to the Lens Enhancements Explanations for more general information about how lenses are defined and what lens enhancement codes apply