VSP maintains a redo policy to ensure that a consistent minimum level of coverage is available on prescriptions made for VSP patients.  As a VSP contract lab, you are required to adhere to this policy unless your lab’s private policies are better.  If this is the case, you must offer doctors the benefits of the redo policy available on private pay prescriptions.  Please prioritize all redos in order to avoid further delays to the patient and provide the same attention to quality that first-time orders receive. 

There are generally four types of redos that doctors may request from your lab for a VSP patient: laboratory, doctor, manufacturer or lab warranty, and progressive.  Each category is distinct from the others, although overlaps can occur.  

First-Time Doctor Redos

Doctors are allowed one redo on an order within six months of the original date of service. If a patient is physically unable to visit his or her doctor within the six-month time frame but has a legitimate reason to have his or her lenses remade, refer the doctor to VSP customer service.
The same lab that processed the original order is responsible for remaking qualifying first-time doctor redos.  Labs do not receive any additional payment for completing first-time doctor redos because redo costs are considered in labs’ contracted base lens prices, unless the doctor is ordering lens enhancements in addition to those supplied on the original RX.  Please see Patient Lens Enhancements on Redos for further explanation.  Labs may not charge doctors a fee for redos, including outbound shipping charges, unless a doctor requests a special, expedited delivery method. Labs may charge sales tax if applicable.


A doctor redo is typically the result of an inaccurate prescription or a patient’s dissatisfaction with his or her non-progressive lenses that is not due to lab error, lens performance, or manufacturer defect. Each redo must meet at least one of the following conditions to be eligible for a first-time doctor redo under VSP’s policies.

  • Changes in power or axis that don’t result in plano lenses
  • Segment or fitting height changes
  • Segment style changes
  • Lens style changes as long as the original order wasn’t for progressive lenses
  • Transcription errors that don’t involve tints, photochromics, frames, or coatings
  • Changes in materials
  • Base curve changes

If the redo includes a prescription change, the lenses must meet VSP's Minimum Prescription Requirements.

Patient Lens Enhancements on Redos

All lens enhancements ordered on the original prescription are included on the redo. A doctor may order additional enhancements on a qualifying first time doctor redo, but not as the sole reason for the redo. If additional enhancements are selected, charge the doctor according to the prices listed on the VSP Lab Lens Enhancements fee schedule.


First-time doctor redos are intended to replace lenses only and do not allow for frame changes alone. At least one of the requirements listed above must be met for a doctor to request a redo that involves a frame change, unless the patient has an allergic reaction to the frame material. Redos due to patient dissatisfaction with the aesthetics or fit of a frame are a private matter between the doctor and patient.

Procedures for First-time Doctor Redos

Doctors may submit first-time doctor redos to your lab on a paper order form or electronically through Eyefinity.  When orders are placed on paper forms, you will receive:

  • A completed private order form
  • A copy of the original order form or service report indicating that a “VSP Doctor Redo” is requested
  • The original lenses
  • The frame, if required to process the redo

If a doctor submits a redo to your lab through Eyefinity, you will receive:

  • A private order submitted via E-lab with reference to the original order number and “VSP Doctor Redo” written in the Special Instructions area
  • A copy of the original order form or service report indicating that a “VSP Doctor Redo” is requested
  • The original lenses
  • The frame, if required to process the redo

Process the order and either retain or discard the old lenses per your lab’s procedures.

Redo Limitations

You may deny a redo if:

  • The date of service of the original order is greater than six months
  • It is the second request for a Doctor Redo on a single order
  • It is due to a change in frame size, shape, or style
  • It is for a tint, photochromic, or coating change
  • The original materials are lost, broken, abused, or damaged by the patient

Laboratory Redos

Laboratory redos are intended to correct any flaw in the spectacles that are the result of your lab’s error.  Laboratory redos include, but are not limited to, defects in the optical quality of a lens (e.g., warped lenses, surfacing flaws), poor workmanship, missed instructions, or errors in prescription interpretation.

Doctors are the final judge of quality when evaluating the work you provide.  If a prescription does not meet his or her satisfaction, the doctor will return the job to you to be remade.  There is no limit to the number of times a doctor can request a laboratory redo as long as a valid reason exists.  Please consult closely with doctors concerning problem jobs and make every effort to resolve issues.  VSP may, at its discretion, withhold payment for an order that cannot be remade to a doctor’s satisfaction.

Doctors are instructed to send lab redos to the original laboratory.  If a doctor wishes to send a redo to another lab, VSP may approve the request.  We will notify you in these circumstances and deduct your reimbursement for that order from your next payment.  Additional information is available in the Change in Laboratory section.

Manufacturer Warranty Redos

Any lens covered under a manufacturer’s warranty must be handled according to the same policies used for private patients. Warranty redos are not considered a first-time doctor redo. Please refer to the section on progressive redos for situations involving progressive lenses.

Progressive Lens Redos

Progressive lens doctor redos are private transactions between your lab and the doctor. Manufacturers’ warranties and your lab’s private guarantees must be upheld as long as they result in replacement lenses for the patient.  It is not acceptable to bill doctors in full for replacement lenses and offer a voucher for future redemption.

Lens enhancements not covered by a manufacturer's warranty or your own guarantees are a private transaction between the doctor and patient.  Pre-certification is not allowed for lens enhancements on progressive lenses.

Change in Laboratory

Doctors are expected to send redos to the same lab that produced the original order, but provisions for laboratory changes exist to accommodate situations where this is not possible or the patient’s best interest.  One of the following conditions must be met in order for a change in labs to be approved:

  • The original lab is no longer in business
  • The original lab cannot obtain or process the lenses ordered on the redo
  • The original lab is not able to complete the job to the doctor’s satisfaction
  • We will only cover lenses for redos made at another lab if a reasonable attempt is made to resolve the issue with the primary laboratory.

If you receive a request for a redo on a prescription that was initially made by another lab, refer the doctor to VSP customer service.